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St. Francis Trust Fund for Catholic Education

In 1990, the parish created a separate endowment fund within the Diocesan Endowment Trust Fund for Catholic Education, a not-for-profit trust. This St. Francis fund receives gifts and bequests for the benefit of parish religious education, whether it is the school, Catechumenate, school of religion, or other parish religious education activity. All funds received by the trust form an endowment. The principal remains in the fund and cannot be removed except as specified in the restricted gift agreement.

Annually, the parish receives earnings from the trust which, at this time, is being reinvested in the trust. Eventually, the income could reduce the amount of school subsidy the parish pays and will leave more money in the parish budget for other programs.

Remembering the St. Francis Xavier Endowment Trust Fund in your will, or making the parish a beneficiary of other income-producing assets, helps secure the future of Catholic education. The fund has a 501c3-tax status. Your donations are tax deductible.

Gifting Appreciated Investments to St. Francis Xavier Parish

Donors often find advantages by gifting appreciated securities or mutual funds that were purchased some time ago at a much lower value. If sold on the market, the gain on these investments would generate taxable capital gain income. Donating appreciated stock or mutual fund shares is a strategic gift-planning method. The donor is entitled to an itemized deduction in the amount of the fair market value (FMV) of the shares donated as of the date of the gift. This value is deductible up to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income and can be carried over for up to five years after the year of the gift.

To accomplish a gift of securities or mutual fund shares, contact our parish's broker, Edward Jones at 816-279-1689. Either Chris Jones or Tracy Miller can guide you. Please also let us know you are planning a transfer to our account so we can be looking for it. Call Ed Ford at the parish office (816) 232-8449 or e-mail him at

If your securities or mutual funds are in “certificate form” it will be necessary to execute a “stock power” form which can be providedby your broker or other financial adviser or by Edward Jones.

If your securities or mutual funds are in “street name” or held by a brokerage firm it will be necessary to provide your broker transfer instructions that identify the shares to be given and the account number currently holding the shares. You will also need to supply information about the parish's brokerage account which will receive the transferred shares. Please contact Edward Jones (Chris Jones or Tracy Miller at (816) 279-1689) to get the official account name, our Edward Jones account number and Edward Jones' DTC number, all of which your broker will need.

Thank you for considering giving to St. Francis Parish in this way!

Finance Council MEMBERS

Ron Olinger, Chairperson
Christine Gach
Jennifer Ward
Bill Eddins
Scott Hudson
Darin Pollard, School Principal
John Lutz, Parish Administrator
Fr. Ron Will, C.PP.S., Pastor

Stewardship Committee

Fr. Ron Will, C.PP.S., Pastor
Maureen Bauer
Ray Heitman
Maureen Holtz
Gary Kincaid
Alex Luke
John Lutz