Baptism preparation sessions for parents of infants are held monthly. All parents must attend one session before Baptism can take place. They must be registered in the parish and one party must be an active Catholic. For children who are slightly older, we recommend the Children’s Catechumenate Program. For further information, call the rectory at 232-8449.

A child preparing for the Sacrament of First Eucharist must be registered in St. Francis Xavier School or the Monday Evening School of Religion. Preparations for the second grade children begins early in the second semester. Parents meet twice with parish staff to receive materials and training in preparation for their role in getting their children ready for First Eucharist.

Catechesis for First Reconciliation is provided during the first semester of the school year for second graders at St. Francis Xavier School and the Parish School of Religion. Parents, as the primary instructors of their children, together with the pastor, determine the readiness of each child. Hence, First Reconciliation may be celebrated during the second grade year or delayed until the third grade year.

Students may begin the Confirmation Program in the fall of their 9th grade year. It is a two-year program with retreats and a service/social justice component. The program is coordinated by parish staff with direct responsibility for the group input and interaction being shared by the Confirmation Candidates’ parents.

One party must be a registered and active member of St. Francis Xavier Parish. The parish clergy request that the couple contact the parish as soon as possible. Nine months notification is required to meet with and assist the couple in the preparation for the sacrament. No date can be set until this preparation is completed.


Anyone suffering from serious illness or injury may receive the Sacrament of Healing. It is also recommended before surgery, for those experiencing the difficulties of aging, or those suffering the pains of a chronic illness. This Sacrament may be received at the church, in the home, or in the hospital. The parish clergy regularly visit the hospital and nursing homes, and are available to visit in people’s homes.