Children are Empowered to Achieve ... beyond expectations.
  • Students at Saint Francis take courses in Spanish, technology, art, music and physical education as well as the core curriculum.
  • Saint Francis currently uses the Saxon math series which spirals the math curriculum.
  • Teachers are dedicated to research based teaching techniques.
  • Teachers use Interactive whiteboards to improve computation in math and engage students in their learning.
  • Assessment is varied and integrated into the learning process. Teachers are constantly assessing students through informal observation as well as formal assessments such as homework, quizzes and tests.
  • Students in grades three through eight are formally assessed through the use of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS).
  • Every grade scores well above the National Percentile Rank on all areas of the ITBS.
  • Saint Francis has 350 students enrolled from Pre-school to 8th grade. We have a teacher to student ratio of 1:17.
  • St. Francis is blessed to have a veteran teaching staff of who have devoted their professional lives to Catholic education.

Testimonial from parents: “My son was much more prepared for the rigorous high school curriculum after his years ofacademic formation at Saint Francis.” “My daughter was immersed in a high order thinking environment; we have been very impressed with theearly childhood program which includes the pre-school through kindergarten.

We hope the traditioncontinues.” “This was our first year here, and not only did I see my children’s test scores increase, but I also watched as my children’s knowledge of religion and sense of faith grew.”


Testimonial from alumni: “The teachers all taught me that hard work and results in the classroom correlate to success in life. I continue to use these values that St. Francis taught me on a daily basis; in the workplace, in my social life, and in raising my family. Thank you St. Francis for all you did for me.