Engaged through Innovation ... our students bring about a better future.
  • Saint Francis leads the way in St. Joseph as students grades kindergarten to 8th grade learn using iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and desktops on a daily basis.
  • Students learn math facts and are pushed to improve recall of those facts through the use of Reflex Math learn more about the world’s most effective math fact system at https://www.reflexmath.com/
  • The faculty has been trained in effective use of the Smart/Starboards installed in their classrooms and the Media Center.
  • The administration and faculty are dedicated to the use of interactive whiteboards for all subject areas in order to improve student engagement in their learning.
  • Teachers use effective and evidence based technology programs to assess student achievement in many ways so they can find meet the child where they are and take them to the next level.
  • Using the Scholastic Reading Inventory(SRI), 100% of SFX students show improvement in their Lexile scores from the beginning of the year to the end. Many students read one or two grade levels above their current level.
  • Learn more about the effectiveness of  the SRI at http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/product_info/pdf/SRI_Research%20Summary_Revised.pdf
  • Use of spellingcity has greatly improved student performance in spelling and literacy. Check it out at www.spellingcity.com
  • Religion instruction at St. Francis is also infused with technology through the use of www.sadlierreligion.com/webelieve/
  • Check out other programs and web-based learning systems used in St. Francis classrooms:  www.abcya.com, https://www.readinga-z.com/, www.tenmarks.com , www.readworks.org 
  • The Home And School Association holds a yearly auction to enhance technology.
  • Sycamore Education is a tool used to connect home and school so that parents have important information at a click.
  • Survey says: In a recent survey, 95% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that “Technology is effectively used in teaching and learning the curriculum.”

Testimonials: “There is always constant growth at Saint Francis as a school and parish family community. The school is always working to better itself and that is what is dynamic about St. Francis.”

“My child is still in PK but that is one of the things that persuaded me to choose SFX. It also felt like SFX was very focused on the quality of education that children were receiving, and the Sycamore system allow parents to see how their child is doing.”