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The Mission of St. Francis Xavier School is to partner with families to provide children with a strong foundation in academics and faith, based on Catholic principles.

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We are happy to share with you the “Good News” in education. Our teachers and staff share the good news of Christ with their children every day. The good news starts with helping children recognize their God-given talents and celebrating their many abilities. Whether a child is a talented writer, reader, artist or musician, they all have a role to play in our family. We take a holistic approach to education that recognizes that each area of study is important for the formation of children and helping them become the best version of themselves. We do not tie all of our activities into increasing test scores in English and/or Math, but believe a holistic approach empowers students to do well in those and many other areas.

The results of this approach are in. A higher percentage of our students score as “Proficient” and “Advanced” than students in other Saint Joseph schools.

Results of Standardized tests Spring 2015

Grades 3-6 English Language Arts %Proficient or Advanced

Grades 3-6 Math %Proficient or Advanced

Grades 3-6 Science% Proficient or Advanced

St. Francis Xavier




SJSD (MAP)Top 3 schools




Results of Standardized tests Spring 2015

English Language Arts %proficient or advanced Middle School

Math %proficient or advanced Middle School

Science %proficient or advanced Middle School

St. Francis Xavier Middle School








*ITBS (taken by St. Francis Students)-Iowa Test of Basic Skills is a norm-referenced test taken by students in grades 3-8. Proficient and Advanced levels determined by ITBS. Results compared to students nationwide.
*MAP (taken by public schools in Missouri)-Missouri  Assessment Program is a norm-referenced test given to all public school students in Missouri. Proficient and Advanced levels determined by Department of Elementary and Secondary Schools. Results compared to students statewide. A more detailed report available upon request.

As we celebrate 125 years of educating the best of Saint Joseph, our school has been the school of choice for the education and formation of many of the region’s civic and business leaders. They have recognized the importance of an education which is grounded on Gospel values, hard-work and determination. On this site, you will read many parents’ affirmations of a school that empowers their children to achieve in the classroom and provide service beyond the school walls.

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Darin Pollard, Principal
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Catholic schools not only provide the academic rigor to discover the “how” of something, but also the freedom to discuss the “why” of something, and that has been a valuable tool in my quest to discover truth.
- Steven Minnis, St. Francis Graduate and President, Benedictine College

We have three daughters who graduated from St. Francis Xavier,  our oldest graduated from SFX in 2004.  She went on to  graduate with a triple major from William Jewell College in 2012. She  teaches special education and is pursuing her masters degree in child development.  My middle daughter graduated SFX in 2005. Went to UMKC nursing school in 2013, is a registered nurse on the Hematology/Oncology floor at Children's Mercy and is pursuing her Nurse Practioner's degree at Creighton.  Our youngest daughter,  SFX class of 2007, graduated in 3 1/2 years from Missouri Western State University and will graduate in May with her MBA from UMKC after travelling to Seoul South Korea in March and London in May. The strong foundation from attending St Francis has greatly contributed to their success. - Angela Sanders

Teachers at St. Francis taught me that hard work and results in the classroom correlate to success in life.  I continue to use these values that St. Francis taught me on a daily basis; in the workplace, in my social life, and in raising my family.  - Matthew Robertson, Principal; Construction, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

From Fr. Ron Will-

God has a plan for each of our lives.  God created you for a purpose.  Do you know your purpose?  God knew your purpose before you were born, while you were still in the womb.  But unless we are in the right environment, many of us never discover that purpose.  If we don’t have a spiritual mentor at the right time, we may go in the wrong direction with our life.

Just like a building contractor has a set of blueprints and knows what he is building before he turns the first shovel of earth (if it will be a home, a garage, a grocery store, a hospital, a school), so God knew your purpose before you were born.  Unfortunately many people don’t know their purpose and go through life unfulfilled.

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School can help your children and future generations discover God’s purpose.  Catholic Schools provide us with spiritual mentors at the right time in our lives.  We hold them in high regard.  A Catholic School environment can help us keep focused on godly goals, to strive for the greatest spiritual gifts, to strive to become the best version of ourselves.

I can discover God’s purpose for my life most easily in an environment where we can freely talk about God and God’s plans, where we can encourage one another to discover God’s vision for our lives.  Our society today needs godly future leaders, or else I’m afraid we will self-destruct.  We need Catholic Schools to help in the process.

I invite you to come and visit St. Francis Xavier Catholic School and our staff on these webpages and then in person.

Fr. Ron Will, C.PP.S.