What Parents Are Saying
  • Students on Jungle Gym“We want our daughter to get the good Catholic education she needs. I went to SFX from Pre-S to eighth grade and want her to experience all the good qualities and education I received.”
  • “I like the small class sizes. I like knowing the other children, their parent’s and ALL the teachers. You offer before and after care which I use.”
  • “We have been very pleased with my daughters’ education in the Early Child care program. That said us continuing to send her to SFX even though I teach in public school. I love the conversations she has with me about God and values.”
  • “We want him to have a well-rounded education from what we feel are the best teachers in the area. We want to see his faith incorporated into his daily activities.”
  •  “I work full time and do not get nearly as much time with my child as I would like, but she spends every day all week long with a teacher that seems to care for her and each child as if they were her own family. This entire school year has been a wonderful event that has helped my child grow in her faith as well as intellectually and emotionally. There are not words to describe my gratitude for the school, church and all of the staff.”
  • “Major strengths of Saint Francis are the faith based education and the fact that school feels like a family.”
  • “My son was much more prepared for the rigorous high school curriculum after his years of academic formation at Saint Francis. We are deeply indebted to the teachers of SFX for what they have done for him!